Beverly Colgan
     ...never thought that she'd be playing a jazz version of "Jingle Bells." 
By profession she is Principal Harpist for the Reno Philharmonic, and the Reno Philharmonic Ballet orchestras.  But having discovered what an incredible sound the harp and vibraphone make together (when she pressed Joe into service as a substitute flute), she began arranging likely pieces for the combination. 

     She is a graduate of Indiana University and the San Francisco Conservatory of music, and has studied with Anne Adams, Marcella DeCray, and in masterclasses with Catherine Michel. 


Joe Venuto
     Born and bred in New York City, Joe studied classical music at the Manhattan School and jazz on the road with the Sauter-Finnegan Orchestra. A professional recording musician and arranger, he was named a Most Valuable Player by the New York chapter of NARAS. 

    Today he lives in the west, where he has begun recording CD's featuring his jazz arrangements.  His jazz trio can be seen in the recent movie Hard Eight, starring Gwenyth Paltrow.